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Become a Consumer Researcher From Home.


Do You Have a Spare 60 Minutes A Day?

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Now, at last, join the thousands of people worldwide who are making a fantastic income every year working from home, earn £45 - £200 per assignment.

This requires no prior experience, education or special skills… You just need a phone or a pc and we can put you on the path of making money starting today… You can choose whether you want to just work online, offline, via the telephone, many of our members just spend a couple of hours a night online and generate over £2000 per month income. Wouldn't it be nice to go to work in your pyjamas? Well now you can all from the comfort of your own home.

We are UK BASED, However We have partners based Worldwide, so we also welcome US Residents, Europe, Australia and many more countries! as a lot of our work can be carried out online from anywhere in the world. We also feature many other assignments specifically for other nationalities. We are currently recruiting worldwide.

Important: Read this now as space may be limited for our membership.... We have hundreds of Consumer Research companies and assignments you cannot lose, you are limited only to your own abilities.

This is NO "scam", NO "too good to be true"or NO "Get paid for doing online surveys" (this can be found for free on our links at the right side!) This is a true work from home position ready to start immediately, plus your first assignment is waiting for you, say "Goodbye" to your boss, stay home with the family, boost up your pension, make an extra income when studying or gain extra money as a nest egg, whatever you decide to do is up to you. This is the next step up from online surveys.

We have enabled hundreds of people to Retire, Students to cope with financial drains, Mums to give up work, a complete second income, or if you are just fed up with the 9-5 grind and have a few spare hours a day then this is for you, this is simply for anyone of any age.

When you join You can begin working immediately by checking on our online assignment boards and completing questionnaires for cash payments, Online Website Service Checking, Product testing, Focus groups. Mystery Shopping, Merchandising, Product Testing, Price Checking, Alternatively you can register and wait for an email or telephone call (whatever your preference) To take your assignments.

You can choose your own hours, work - morning, noon or night. If you want to have a rest for a week or so this is fine you will not be penalised it is entirely up to you when you wish to pick up the assignments, they are always waiting for you. Work online or offline whatever suits you best if you have a car you can take assignments within your area or via the post, or if you prefer you can pick only Online assignments.

Consumer Researchers are very flexible and you are in control of your own life. Just Log on and give your opinion and receive a cheque/paypal/bank payment. This is why anyone can Join. You do not have to be skilled or academic, because in Market Research it is important to cover every type of person and skills. It is important to gain real people's views.

Because we want to maintain a steady flow of work we may on occasions limit our membership, So if this is so, please check back in a few days to see if we are recruiting. "YES" We are presently recruiting people.

We have over 500+ Companies on our books, To ensure a wide variety of assignments. You will automatically have access to these and more in just a few minutes in our members area.

Some of our members participate very occasionally just to make an extra £100 -£500 a month to cover the cost of a Holiday or new car payment. Other members spend more time and earn over £3000 enough to generate over a full time income. Wouldn't it be great to say goodbye to your boss once and for all? Well now you can!


Your first assignment is sitting inside for you, available instantly to every member. £29.99 per year fee. (thats is equivalent to just 50p a week!)

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We have 3 different job boards amongst many other pages in our members area. Here is one of our Assignment Boards This one is just for Mystery Shopping Only assignments.

Job Assignment Board 1 (Services and product Checking Assignments)

We have other boards for Online assignments and Surveys.